Sixth Grade News

Littlestown Grade School

Editors: Geraldine Roberts (November 22,1950)

             Kenneth Koontz (March 9, 1951)

             Jane Barton (May 30, 1951


Make-up Editors

        Albert Snyder

        Gary Strevig

        Rita Mickley

        Peggy Miller

        Tony Maitland

        Joe Feathers

        Larry Huff



EDITORIAL (November 22, 1950)

      This is the 6-3 English Class’s newspaper

 We are happy to be the first section to be able to print a newspaper this year. Of course the other sections will be able to print a newspaper, also.

      There are many things at school and on the playground that should be improved; such as, picking up glass that might have been thrown on the playground and not throwing paper around on the school floors or the playground.

 Sometimes the people just put the waste paper in someone’s desk.

Instead, the paper should be put in garbage cans on either the first or second floor. There are two garbage cans on the lower floor and one on the top floor. Waste paper cans are in each room. We should be more careful about the waste paper in the basement. There is a waste paper can in the basement, and plenty of paper towels. Most of the time we don’t pay any attention to where we throw the towels.


                       Gerrie Roberts



EDITORIAL (March 9, 1951)

       The 6-3 English class is writing a newspaper about news in our district. One thing we need to improve is our language. Some pupils still say “huh”, “ain’t”, “nope”, “yeah”, “watchamacallit,

And many others. Mrs. Lohr, our English teacher, is correcting those who still use wrong language.

Most pupils have improved, but still have a very bad habit. But we hope by the end of the term all of us will be broken of that habit. I think that if we could plan our talks, our language would be much better.


                      Kenneth Koontz



EDITORIAL (May 30, 1951)

      Manners are something everyone should have. When you sit down at a table, let the older person sit down first. When you leave, remember to say that you had a nice time. One should be polite at all times.

     There has also been some carelessness with tablet paper around school.

Some people make airplanes out of paper, Remember, there is a war on and we must try to save paper. We can use the backs of calendars for airplanes and scratch paper.

    The sixth grade thanks Mr. Schellhase for printing their newspapers during the year.

     Now we, another sixth grade, say “Good-bye”                 

                              Jane Barton





    In science class, Mr. Rhoades has shown us experiments about the telegraph,  how the electromagnet works and what it pulls up. The other day we had the planets. Now we are talking about the stars.

                                    Richard Messinger



    The candy store is open every school day. A boy and a girl take charge. They sell candy for five cents and some for one cent a piece. The money goes to the school fund. The candy store closes when the first bell rings

                                     Jean Rebert



   The English classes had a limerick contest when we studied limericks. The pupils in each section chose the three best ones from their group. Mr. Rhoades and Mr. Riley then judged them. The best ones will go to a radio program. These are the winners and the winning limericks:

Lady Spunk

There was a lady named Spunk,

Who hid all her stuff in a trunk.

She used to yell,

Then you could tell,

That all of the stuff in the trunk was junk.

                              Geraldine Roberts


Captain Gray

“Calling all cars!” said Captain Gray,

“Two bank robbers just ran away,

Oh, it couldn’t be,

But we will see,

If it takes me up to my last day.”

                        Kenneth Koontz



    Mary Katherine Reaver was playing dodge ball at dinner time on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1950. She was playing on the big playground. One of the fifth grade girls hit her on the leg with the ball. She fell down and broke her ankle. Some of the girls helped her to the nurse’s room in the grade school. After missing eight days of school she came back on Tuesday November 7, 1950. Mary Katherine has crutches and gets along very nicely with them

                     Marian Worley



    We have two patrol groups. One is on one week and the other the next week.  We have a captain who is Mary Ann Burgoon. The first lieutenant is Geraldine Roberts. The second lieutenant is Carl Pottorff.  On the first force are Mary Ann Burgoon, Geraldine Roberts, Roberta Rose, Loretta Study, Gary Keefer, Kenneth Koontz, and Tony Maitland. In the second troop are Colleen Angstead, Jane Barton, Hazel Krout, Carl Pottorff, Albert Snyder and Gary Strevig.

    The patrolmen are there so that school children won’t be hit by cars, while they are going to or from school.

     The patrolman help the children across the square and Maple Ave. The patrolmen are there in the morning at 8:15, at noon, they are there at 12:15.

     The grade school has had patrolmen for about fourteen years.

                               Loretta Study



   This is a good story by Collodi. Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. It was just a common block of firewood.

   A man named Mastro Cherry said he’d use it for a leg on a table. He was ready to peel off the bark, when a wee little voice said in a beseeching tone, “Please be careful and don’t hit me hard.”

   Mastro Cherry sold the piece of wood to Geppetto who had a very bad temper. He made a marionette and called it Pinocchio.

    Pinocchio was a very bad boy. He ran away from school and did things that his father did not want him to do.

     I liked the book because it had big print. I was anxious to see what trouble Pinocchio was going to get into next.

                            Russell Garvick



    The first grade is making decorations for the room. They have a valentine box on the table. They are having a valentine party.

                          Gene Miller



    On April 14, Jeanne Thomas, grade 3, and Brenda Hollinger, grade 2 appeared on television in “Happy Town”.  Their act could be seen through Washington Channel 9, Baltimore,  Channel 2: and Philadelphia, Channel 10, Jeanne and Brenda each received an identification bracelet. They spent the rest of the day shopping in Washington.

                         Eleanor Harner



    Mrs. Sentz teaches this school in Germany Township. For entertainment they had a play by eight children, two girls twirled batons and four girls sang.

                           Frances Miller



     The children of the third grade are working on a project to develop habits of cleanliness. Their project is called Ivory Inspection Patrol. It is sent out by Proctor and Gamble Company. The project is used to develop health habits.

     Every morning the third grade teacher Mrs. Wolfe, checks them for clean hands, faces, fingernails, ears and neck. They must have their teeth brushed, hair combed, shoes buckled or tied and all buttons buttoned. The children are greatly interested in the project and are trying to develop good health habits.

     Each week a prize is given to the ones who have done all of the things he or she was supposed to do. The prize is a seal to paste on their charts that they have at home. If there is one thing wrong, you get a yellow bar. If there are two things wrong you get a red bar.

                             Roberta Rose



     Recently, I have had an experience that is rare for a sixth grader. It was the experience of participating in a radio contest.

      One April Friday evening, I went to the Gettysburg Radio Station and appeared on the “So You Want To Be A Disc Jockey” contest. A week later,  I received a letter that I had been the week’s winner and a prize of ten free passes to the Caledonia or the Cross Keys Drive-in Theater.

      On Tuesday evening, May 1, I appeared during the final week of the contest. The final decision and prizes have not been announced.

                            Richard Horner


NOTE: Richard won and one of the prizes was to help announce a Phillies baseball game




     Our school had some visitors from the Hoffman School. Because of sickness the boys and girls couldn’t come to school.

The bus pupils from Mt. Joy Township who attend Hoffman School came to our school for a week. Some of  them had school in the library.

                                   Gerald Brumgard


Painting Class

    The sixth grade girls are making pictures by painting glass. To make the pictures the girls get glass, wash it, and then paint it. When the glass is painted the girls turn the glass around so that the painted side is on the inside. Next we put cardboard back of the glass and bind it together. The girls are working on their pictures in the library.

                                    Hazel Krout


Boys Physical Education

    The 6th grade boys have recess every afternoon. Everyone goes out at 2:05 and comes in at 2:35. Some of the boys play football. Mr. Rhoades plays football, too. The other boys play army, airplanes, and hunters.

                                 Theron Dayhoff


School Savings

   Our 6th grade has school savings every Tuesday. There are twenty-eight persons who save at school. Gerrie Roberts has saved the most money.

    Some ways to save money are: Cherrie picking, potato picking, bean picking, helping your mother to clean house and helping your father at the barn.

                       Mildred Koontz



Look for some bunnies to go hop, hop, and listen for some guns to go pop, pop.


Then the hunter shuts one eye,

Some bunnies soon will die.


You may take your bunny home,

Unless you want to roam, and roam.


You will put your bunny in a frying pan,

And when he’s done say, “Man! Oh, man!”

                    Albert Snyder



    We have two groups of band. They are the beginners and the advanced bands. We practice every Wednesday afternoon. The beginners group has twenty-one pupils they come from the fifth and sixth grades. The advanced band has six pupils in it. The leader of both groups is Mr. Harner.

Mrs. Wilt is the violin teacher. There are nine people in the violin class. They have learned the parts of the violin and have had their first lesson. They practice every Wednesday afternoon.

                              Gary Strevig



   We have a library at school. All but the first and second grades come up to choose their books. Mrs. Lohr is the library director. The teachers help them to get the right books. There are also books from the Adams County Library.

                        John Shomper



    In March, the Parochial school and the grade school were entertained at a banquet by the Littlestown Rotary Club. We sang songs and after the meal, movies were shown about last year’s patrols in the parade at Washington, D.C.

                        Mary Ann Burgoon



    The scouts of Troop 39 are planning to go on a trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield on May 19, 1951. Loetta Miller and Jean Blocher, from the Senior Troop, will go along to earn a Camp Craft Badge.

The Scouts plan to eat supper and dinner out of doors.

                           Susanne Blocker



    During the morning of April 10, in the science room, Mr. Rhoades showed us a movie of the Bear River Migratory Refuge for birds at Brigham, Utah. The film was very interesting.

    Some of the birds shown were as follows: the blue winged teal Mallard duck, blue heron, Canadian geese, western grebe, marsh wren, marsh hawk, and Brewster egrets.

                             Larry Huff



   The sixth graders gave reports in their history classes. Some of the topics of the reports were on oil, coal, gold, sugar and rice. Each pupil had to give a report on the book he had selected. We went to the front of the room to give our talk.

                      Mildred Hilker 



     Our English teacher sent for a film on “How To Use The Dictionary”. It was shown in December. The teacher told us to watch for the different kinds of dictionaries and information given.

    The next film was on “Who Makes Words”.

In this film, children were planning to make words. Their reward was one new word.

     The third picture showed how iron ore was stored on great piles.

                        William Rebert



     The scouts of troop 84 went on an Appalachian Trail hike. We traveled by bus from White’s Garage to Smithburg, Md. On the trail we stopped at interesting places and where we could see beautiful views. Dinner was eaten along the Washington and Frederick County Line.

     At camp, we put up our tents, made our beds  and ate supper.  Before going to bed we all sat around the council fire and told jokes.

     Next morning, we ate breakfast, broke camp, and were on our way. We climbed a mile high hill. On the top there was a fire tower. Here we had church.

      Dinner was eaten on some large rocks. Here we found Indian turnips. In the afternoon a rainstorm overtook us. Our bus met us at Harper’s Ferry.

      Mr. Paul Durbin was our bus driver.

                                Johnny Flynn     



    This book was written by Hugh Lofting.

Doctor Do Little was a people’s doctor.

A man came in and told him that he ought to be an animal doctor. Many animals were brought to him.

    One day a sparrow brought a message to him that the monkeys in Africa were sick. He went over to make them well. Twice, while he was there, the King’s men caught him and put him in prison.

Doctor Do Little escaped and came home.

                               Barbara Rebert